3/12/20, back in San Rafael.

Leads group meeting this morning, then appointment on the other side of S. Rafael, and north of here (4th & A Street, downtown, a sbux).  Right now prospecting, and hard.  Only one sale so far this month and following up with whomever I can to get something else on the board.  1:12pm right now, and thinking of heading north, back to Sonoma County, to one of my other writing spots.  Not the one on RR Square, and not the one on Mendo, sooooo……  Not sure.

Who else can I call?

Maybe I should take a break.  Yeah, I should.  Haven’t taken one yet today.  Well, to get that bagel and speed-eat it before the appointment at the cabinets place.  Not that hungry, though.  And I don’t want to use this new credit card too much.  Not using any cash, as all of it is devoted, to business and family overhead, and other shit (not sure what the other shit is, but it’s devoted).  All the purchases have been small, like Starbucks and a sparkling water and this is fucking boring to write about.

Force a sale.  How do I do that… Feel limited with what I can prospect.  I’ve set multiple appointments today, which is good I guess, but nothing connecting. No contracts signed.  No INK.  Goddamnit… okay.. calm.  Pick a zone, a set of streets.  Berkeley.  What type of business.  Tech… anything tech, or software, or graphics, web design….  Will search in a bit.  Am I hungry?  Not going to Crepevine again.  Too pricey.  Good food, but again, too pricy.  And as my writing and mind wanders, so does my curiosity about a timeline, for me, for this AE story.  It brings me here, to work “remotely”, as people say.  But is it remotely?  To say that implies I’m meant to be somewhere else, right?  Well, I go where I wish in this AE sea, and now thinking of what else I can tap for a contract.

“Funnel’s running dry”, I heard someone say in the meeting the other day, either Mark the director or another AE. Now it’s happening to me.  So what do I do…. OH!  Look at the business cards I brought in from the car.

Hit them, but not much found.  Sent one email to a car dealership in Berkeley.  Now I’m getting hungry.  Hangry, like you hear people say and it annoys me when they do so I’m not sure why I used it.  Maybe go to the micobrewery up the road, or eat back home in SoCo.  I’m thinking too much… Tell self stay moving and stay busy, and when you’re thinking—not even to excess—you’re not moving.  You’re spinning wheels.  I need lunch.  This is how I get when famished.  Know where I’m headed in Santa Rosa to work.  Bed early… holy shit my thoughts are everywhere.  It’s the tired as well.. slept okay last night, I think, but I woke with this heavy fog, some burdensome blanket over each of my motions.