Looking for more conversations….  I’m thinking far too much, I know.  So bad that I’m writing how much I’m thinking which is even more counter-everything.  Productive, intuitive….

2:16pm.  MY job is prospecting, funnel building and not how those Facebook infomercial, pseudo-guru types talk.  No… this is a collective communication that strays and sways any way it may.  I follow the talk, keep it alive however I can.  Productivity yes but a sped and rich movement from result to result and deliverable to deliverable.  I’m studying work, what I do here at Sonic, and all this is, any sales position really, but this AE act most notably is avoiding silence however you can.

Words always present, always movement. Always aims and targets, a consistency of embodiment.  Work, knowing Now, FREED.  Me.. finally.  The wine industry could never produce this.

Feeling the 7-mile run from lunch.  Want some cold brew coffee, a sparkling water.  Will walk to back room, pause for a sec.  Know my topic, finally.  Not wine, not even writing, but WORK. Right here, in this chair, with these post-it’s, this pen and journal.

Keep talking, keep meeting and connecting.

First sip of cold brew and I’m rebuilt.