After working the entire weekend in the wine industry and being absolutely sick of it, I’m intent on centralizing and fixing self here, in this chair, in the AE life.  Prospecting and fining and honing my craft and approach in such.  Every conversation can be converted, I’m saying to self.  But not just that, every conversation is a conversation… is an interaction, will be remembered, an impression.  Nothing is without weight, nothing is without light.  As many conversations as possible, as I used to emphasize in Field Sales.

So, today, just getting started. Hoping to launch for run at 11:30-something.  When back, prospecting from computer.  Take more notes, in one location, one of the notebooks to my left.  No. New. Notebooks.

Really want to treat self to a membership at the coLAB downtown, in the Press Democrat building.  Walking through there the other day, twice, once meeting a vendor and the other for that leads meeting, Friday… see myself blogging there.  Finishing something there. But then I think why bother?  I have the Sonic office.  And I’m PAID to be here.  So.. that answers that.

First thing about prospecting, that inhibits, is thinking about it. IT’s as simple as saying hi, I’m realizing.  About to shoot off my first email, and I’ll keep a copy of it as I did the other ones but restart from this version.  Approaching 90 days in the Enterprise Sales Division, and I don’t feel like I’ve hit what and where I want to.  So, today change.

Change initiates with conversation.  Latte done, conversation with self to get water in flask and drink a full fill so I’ll be hydrated for run.  Text senior AE…. Had idea about blogs and tech, my own startup in this office, direct from Sonic’s values.  Remembering what the found said, making this up as he goes.  What else can you do, regardless of tech knowledge and familiarity.  Start with hi, then learn, listen.  Opposite of what’s mostly present in the wine business, and certainly at their events.