Day ending.  After 4.  4:10 in precision.  Lots of connecting to the tech world, and other admin qualities.  Fit in a 7-mile run in the heat, which now I’m starting to feel.  Pushing through exhaustion like a legion at a castle door.

Meeting in less than an hour, at Jacksons, with a member of my leads group.  Not sure how that connects to my focus on tech, my productive force in that domain, but either way having wine with a nice business bloke younger than me here from Sonoma County.

Essentially re-writing myself a writer in the tech world.  Wine is a part of it, so that will still be there (for any readers worried I’ll shed the wine wheels).  Education as well… still surprised that a tech company made me more a writer.  And teaching me new business modes and technicalities, sight, plains to pursue.

Not sure where I am in the project.  I’m pretty sure halfway, or more by a day or two.  

Day 49, I had to look.  Now I need a glass of something.  Thinking white.  That Chardonnay I had last Friday with the guy from Bellarmine.  Still laugh about that, from my HS rival.  Life passes and I see tech as a way to get ahead of it, through creativity and amplification, more creative, and embracing whim as I stressed in class the other night.

This blog, needing take on a new note, a new design and architecture.  What, I don’t know.  Want the blogs to get me to the road, speaking.  About what.  Writing, of course.  Education.  Happiness. How happiness is completely DIY. Yes… now I see what I was delivering in class as I think my “students were”.  Wine tonight, more brainstorming on startup….  Starup?

Yes.  Startup.