Will be leaving a bit early, since I’m getting here earlier than early tomorrow.  Haven’t had a day like tomorrow since Liv and I went to that Women in Construction event a few weeks ago.  Love getting to the office before there’s any life in the walls.  Remember to iron clothes tonight, shower, shave… do everything tonight.  Everything. Mark messages me and says he doesn’t know what to expect.  I’ll respond, rather simply and directly, “That’s the beauty of it.  When you don’t know what to expect your creative compositions and beat is richly antagonized.”

Email sent.  Going to go to Del Valle up the street and have a beer, take some notes, think about how much longer I want to be anywhere near the wine industry.  Sorry to keep bringing it up, but Saturday and Sunday I could have spent with the kids, family, working on ideas for THIS, the P-O-Z Agency.  There will be a decision made, soon I feel.