Re-organizing and drawing strategy with my approaches to accounts.  Everything is a prospect, and diminish the emphasis of having a focus now.  Geographically yes I think it’s advantageous to have a focus area, but that’s not to say an AE or other like-sales rep should dismiss other areas.

2:32pm, and writing emails.  Using a current template, but I will re-write. Thinking of myself as a sales teacher.  Well, eventually.  This is my template, my training and playing ground.  Test everything.

102 degrees outside.  Hoping over hoping that class tonight is somehow cancelled.  Somehow.

Started a book last night, a narrative prompted from last night’s lecture.  Approaching all of this, this in the AE position, like a professor.  No, a teacher.  Let’s say I had to teach someone how to sell… what’s the first forward of instruction I would utter?  “Say hi.” Greet the person.  Don’t talk about your product, service, or you.  Learn about them.  And note, reader, that this is a note to self, with throws of growling intent to intensify the transactional momentum of my presence here.  Not just a sale here, a sale there, but a belt of signings.  Change everything, and however many times I’ve written that before doesn’t matter.  The aim of this project changes….  Today, Day 54.  Not much time to adjust or re-adjust.  The Account Executive is about more than transacting, or even relationships.  But nearness, communication, accessibility.

This position is reminding me of sales thoughts and musings I’d have in the vineyard when at Roth, walking the SB lot, like that morning I was walking the last few rows and decided I’m done with a full-time fold in the wine world.  I wanted more.  I found Sonic, then ten months into Sonic I found this set of pages.  So… get more professor-like…. Write a book on how to do this while learning to.  ONE, no self-doubt.  Absolutely not allowed.  TWO, write everything down.  Everything you learn, everything you think, everything you want.  THREE, keep conversation perpetual, tireless, and creative.

In these remaining 46 days, starting the other journal Mom bought me.  The larger one, leather-covered with the Apache blessing on it reading “May the breeze blow new strength into your being.”  About what will I note, exclusively… how to do this.  How to be an Account Executive, or “successful” at selling.  Not a corny how-to, and not a Death of a Salesman connect.  But my pages, how I made this work, how I made it mine.

FOUR, be your own agency.  Write your aims, sights, weaknesses, areas of study….  WORK.