Waking early for event in Oakland.  A tech summit of some form.  Now in home office, typing while babies upstairs are hopefully going to bed.  Hopefully.  Hear wife say to daughter, over and over, “Night night, Emma…” Meaning the littlest is resistant.  I too should be soon in bed, not sleeping well last night.

Everything is not merely connected but a compliment to the thing or being next to.  So…. New sight.  And if not new then certainly some thing of significance, and more than a thing.  Not sure why I wrote it a mere thing.  Tomorrow speaking Sonic at a tech summit or gathering, or event, or…. Doesn’t matter what it is.  More than an “it”.

Getting this P-O-Z Agency off the ground, in many ways really starting today with new understandings I have and conceptualizations of where I am and what I’m doing.  Me at Sonic, especially in this new AE world is learning business all over again.  Forgetting much of what I fostered and felt in wine’s flimsy industry.  The aspect of agency is what I said today to the CTO, contributing to existing momentum.  What I’m writing, I feel, now, is definition. Of business, of Sonic, of what companies should always do and not boast it.  The right thing to do and if you’re doing that thing, more than a “thing”, should never be boasted.  Why am I going to this event tomorrow, to meet people.  To learn.  To be frank, it doesn’t have much to do with Sonic but more with people, new conversations, new ideas.  That heartfelt and honest connectedness.

What do I write.  Now.  At Sonic.  Business.  No longer about wine, although wine is part of the business vision in some regards.  On this floor in home office, collecting self after a day, and before the week.  Meetings today, event tomorrow morning, class in evening.  This collection is necessary, seeing all of it before it lands. My desk in the morning, the building, the drive to Apollo Way.  Leaning, drive by drive and conversations at a time.