On lunch.  12:31.  Paid $6.03 for a sandwich and sparkling water here in office.  No way am I getting back in the car.  And technically it was 2 waters since I think I owe the store for one.  Anyway, drove to Oakland for tech talk, which was fascinating frankly and quite rich in ideas and how to speak a brand.  There, as I knew before, always be a stress on community and opportunity, especially for businesses and business people, entrepreneurs and others will several projects.  And, of course as I’ve posted I don’t know how many times, NEVER stop creating.

I’ll be off around or close to 4 as I arrived a little after 6:30 this morning.  Rest of day spent on contacts, make more appointments however I can.  Just realized I left phones at my desk.  Was going to start now.  Switch up approach, I say to self recognizing how tired I am.  Have to work way out of it… focus on Sonic, what I want to do here, what the CTO said yesterday about rising above tech and be more the speaker, more the unifier, more the community voice.

Beyond all this, the morning and the drives, the event and this seemingly too-salty sandwich, I’m out of anything on which to write.  Write about the pinball machine behind you, going and going someone from I think our Network Operations Center hitting those side buttons trying to get the ball to do what he wants.

No, I’m not a fan of this sandwich.  Why did I buy it?  Putting a moratorium on spending, till Friday.  Cash or otherwise.  Second day straight I’m this tired, which is odd as I was in bed last night before 10.  Didn’t sleep that well, though.  Waking at 2-sometiing, then 4-something, then that trickle of time till when my alarm’s to sound, 5:45.  This office keeps me awake, though.  The building.  The people I work with.  This pinball machine.  Activity, motion, the tireless tell of my immediate immediacy.  Then suddenly I can’t write, even though I am technically writing.  Something. 

Took bite of second half.  Why am I still eating this thing?  Why am I still writing?  Not going to post now.  Will when at desk.  I mentioned autopilot in earlier entries as the aim of this project.  I’m not sure that’s it, anymore.  The aim is to be the top producer in my division.  To definitively establish my agency, what I do and have it be its own sphere.  Need to make this more a story, more character and development of.  Going to get on the phone and not leave the receiver till I leave the office.  Hit the pavement harder, have conversations… be quicker, less thought-strangled.

Need more coffee.  Now.  Tired but I know how to wake self.  Work.  More projects, more strays and creative.  Right now, not connecting to story.  Damn near ready to close this fucking laptop.

The rest of that sandwich in the trash, done with sparkling water and now coffee.  12:53, not quite ready for the desk.  Guy is still playing pinball.  Or, no.  Different guy.  Another person enters the room to have lunch.  I watch steam fly diagonally from cup.  Ghost-like.

Look right, out window.  Someone just mentioned somehow sneaking in a quick nap.  Could I do that?  How?  No.  Have to move and be ever-addicted to the beat I put forth for self.