Writing in this tech office has me seeing my self differently, wondering why I didn’t pursue this, hunt something similar, find a reflective juxtaposition of scope like I do here, earlier.  Why DID I wait so long?  Why did I let the wine industry have a hold on me as it did.  Of course this thought throw is pointless and in no way “productive”, but I fiddle with the thought from time to time.

Written lunch coming to an end. When back at desk, write more letter versions for introducing self and Sonic to prospects.  Rise above the technology, can’t let go of that thought.  The exhaustion is definitely compromising my composition, both on page and with character.  But it induces a diagonally delicious allure about my pulses.

The wine industry doesn’t have this… the newness of the office.  Don’t think I tell myself, remind self again.  Don’t focus on what you don’t know and where you’re  “weak”.  Amplify from the fixations, from the prowess, from YOU.  I thought last Thursday when in the class lecturing on a night where I was nearly positive I would let them go early that if I could bridge my character there to here when prospecting, there would be something.  Something.  Not just talking about conversion, or dollars.  But something.