Getting ready for tech event, tomorrow.  Definitely done with coffee for the day.  Still feel self shake from the cold brew I earlier bought.  Bed early tonight, early wake.  Setting clothes out when home.  Long days, the next 3.  Write it all.  I’m finding the most effective way to not stress is to avoid nothing, think about nothing, and just keep the motion more constant than anything you can think of.

Have to walk up the block, get company car and park back here in lot.  Had to move earlier as I took someone’s spot accidentally.  He told me, the spot’s resident, for me not to worry and that it happens all the time.  I laughed but thought about it, about planning better.  I don’t know, that’s where my head went..

Going to move it now.

Back from moving car, thinking about conversation with CTO earlier.  He urged a downplay of the tech and more of the narrative of Sonic and what we are, who we seek to be in community.  MY ideas go everywhere again.  Someone could ask me, “Why Sonic?” and before  denouncing what other companies do, which I wouldn’t, I talk about what’s in the office, what’s here…. The brainstorming hasn’t stopped since that meeting, then after a later meeting with Sales Engineer, I guess you could call him, I have more I’m out to do.  My business plan here in this department has considerably been re-written.  The Agency aspect to what I do…. Amplified.  Researching and noting on all Sonic lit, all its messaging.  Doors open.  I’m seeing like with Kerouac my life here is a telling picture and promise to Mike Madigan that he can do whatever he wants, this wine writer in a tech office, at an internet company.

‘Nother note to self:  300 Sonic words per day.  Something I did when I first started, but left as a project.  The 300 words aren’t so much a sales pitch, but extended and ceaseless definition and defining of the company.