Regardless of

Where I am in the project, I’m in San Rafael now. At a place called Bogie’s. Just walked through a maze of art rooms and galleries and studios. Everything I do for Sonic and in this enterprise division will be with artistic composition and confidence, inner concerted essence, foremost confidence. View of fourth street from my window booth. Two meetings this morning, providing more education and sight. Shown people that you’re working. Show them that you’re writing, trying new approaches, new walks, new beats and new stages, streets.

Omelette arrives… Before bite first, think again of the coffee morning meeting with Denise. Meeting with Mark before than. How I surprised myself with how much technical tongue I could implement in speaking Sonic– Coltrane’s In A Sentimental Mood comes on. Now I know the story is speaking directly to me.

Cafe, this place. Quiet, brick and wood door framing. Perfect for a book, or several. Think I ate here years ago, when I worked for those two sales and marketing asses on 2nd & B.