Back in office.  Trying to find other connections that could be not just useful but educational as well for me and my practice in this company.Nearly done with first coffee since being back in office.  Will get one for Road, for campus.  Just ordered books over phone from some kids to whom I had to repeat nearly everything.  Hope he jotted everything with some accuracy.  Will follow up tomorrow morning, possibly even stop by campus to confirm.  But where would I park.  Jesus… don’t want to get a ticket in a Sonic vehicle.  That would be anything but good.

Hungry again.  That omelet, although wonderfully taste-stricken, did not fill me up to any useful momentum.  So what do I do.  Don’t think about it.  Chew gum.  Something.  Write.  Anything to occupy your mind and time and movement.

Still no syllabus for either class, and just ordered books.  Definitely new dimension at semester’s inception.  So…. Lecture.  About anything.  Start with what—as with Sonic or anything—reading, writing.  Thought.  Being a student.  Being alive.  What you want and how you plan on getting it.

Day 26, the Sonic paragraphs, closing.  But other growls and howls, wheels and reels, very much vocal and opening.