Have the whole day be a conversation.  Not any time more spent worrying about my technology knowledge.  If I can talk, if I can communicate, I’m good.  I’m more than good.  There are people here in office—one of the many reasons Sonic is successful as a business and employer—that can provide that information.

11:28, feeling tired, but not allowing self to slow.  Will run at least 6.3 at lunch, head Rodata west.  Reach goal is 7 which I’m quite sure I can hit but may not let self do.  One more sip of coffee before 11:30.  Nothing till 12.  Not even water.

Earlier this morning in Leads group someone mentioned ‘call-to-action’ language and decidedness in narration.  Has me in thought.  Has me twirled and tangled beneficially.  Have myself rambling to self and somehow with efficient etch and step.

Need write a couple letters, or short notes not so much letter-length letters—to some more senior AE’s.  Then what.  Think of something.  Deconstruct this character and what this new Mike Madigan does to its most terrestrial and grounded ground.

Again the tired comes back, wraps itself around each municipality and shape of my Now.

Got running clothes out of back, onto floor atop shoes.  Had to swivel around to do all that, and that woke me a bit.  Can I have one more sip of coffee?  NO.  Don’t do it.  Didn’t.  I’m running in just under 30 minutes…. Bu then the tired sets in.  Make some calls, post something, write more about Sonic.  That’s what I need to do!  Write about Sonic.  Found out today I have a presentation in the leads group, in early October. What if between now and then I write a Capote-esque portrait of Sonic… all the bullpens and “barnyards”, departments and tangential but still associated departments, then the meetings that occur, the Quarterly celebration.

WRITE A BOOK ON SONIC.  Just repeated it to myself about seven or nine times. Didn’t hit ten, if you’re asking in some jestful jab.  Going to write this storm of pages, and have it be from that call near the Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, where only days before I walked three or four rows taking pictures as I always do and deciding I’m done, I’m done with the wine industry.  I want to narrate, and narrate more, not just narrate from behind a counter pouring wine.  The conversation with Tasha, the meeting (not an interview with how I commanded the room and definitively decided the direction of the interaction) with her and Stephen, my first day, and now here nearly two months into my Enterprise/AE life.  Sonic allows for all of this, promotes and provokes each sound and conversation step and climb.

Now I’m awake.  Staring at the coffee while she stares back at the writer.  The day, its entirety, a conversation, a back and forth, an outwardly inward speaking of everything visually observed and heard.  What am I hearing now, people enjoying their day.  Laughing with each other while still sharing ideas on every sliver of their respective project or exploration into potential efforts.