7 miles at lunch. Back at desk.

Feel body cooling down.  Back on phone, in moments.

Sipping water I brought, will have the pasta in a bit over an hour, when I’m absolutely cooled down.

Run today teaching me that even when you don’t feel like tackling a task or testing or pushing self, just get out there, and move.  Don’t worry about speed.  Like what I suggest to students, that speed-reading is stupid, so is rushing through efforts and projects.  Enjoy the journey, enjoy the steps and breaths, each set and struggle, fret.

3:40pm.  Close to departure time.  Feeling tired, again.  Will get coffee here, or at school.  What am I talking about, get it here.  Free.  Mood falling as calling is in no way happening as how I’d wish.  Need to find new ways of prospecting.  Getting in front of people.  Okay, where.  Where do I start.  Send emails?  Read somewhere recently, or saw some marketing firm’s post, somewhere, encouraging cold emailing campaigns.  But not all these leads have emails in them.  Getting frustrated and I forcefully associate that with my exhaustion.  The 7 mile run now commanding my functionality.  Move past it, I tell myself.  Think, away from boxes not just outside. What if I didn’t have these Salesforce leads, I couldn’t call or even email, what if I didn’t have the fiberoptic footprints?  Thinking as basic and anatomical as I can.  Talk to people, speak Sonic, invite them to call you, get an estimate for their business… just keep the conversation going.  WRITE ABOUT SONIC. Of course, of course… what we do for communities and more than just an alternative to incumbents.

Thinking wilder, wider…