Sipping some Pinot that has a weird name.  Poppy?  Something like that?  Reminding self over and over what I’m doing with this semester, and the hundred days project.  Have everything be absorbed by and connected to SONIC.  What that occurs, upon semester’s close, I’ll be doing both on my own clock and accord.  That is, writing about wine and blogging it, speaking about it, and the like with educating, teaching provisions.

Hungry but not sure I should eat, or at least anything substantial.  Maybe an app?  Like what.  Fuck I don’t know, what do they have?  Thinking about flatbread and veggies.  Blogging about wine… always mean to do that, but never do.  So what am I sipping now, a Pinot.  How is it… well, a Pinot.  That expected grassy wild berry that reminds me of licorice and being in a field, coy vanilla code that indicates oak but there’s no loss of personality.  I should start a wine club or tasting club at Sonic. Why don’t I? Why haven’t I?  What I sipped last night, some Cabernet that I may have had but can’t remember showing me that wine need be more present and promised in my prose.  I write about work, and I wish for wine to remain quite continental in my work body, but not on the industry’s T’s and C’s.  ‘T’s, C’s’.  Ashamed, but truthful when telling you I never knew what that meant till arriving in the Sonic world.  No worry, or shame really just the fact that I’m still very much a student of all this, of being a “professional”.  Anyway, my demand for wine in my life is that it not so much remain fun but continue to encourage me to write. I come here no what I’d lament often, but enough to know that the wine list does change its shape and collective communicate.  Wine should always be doing that, and the same for people writing about her.

Interacting with this Pinot quite slow, just as I encourage students to read.  Never speed-read, and never speed-sip.  Especially if writing about the puddle in glass.  When more sovereign, I’ll have this building, this corner tallboy table be my office.  Bag on left, on floor.  Just checked, still there.  Not that I was worried, but I had to check.

Just was messaged that I may have another signing about to happen.  Possibly tomorrow.  Want to be with family, and celebrate.  Tomorrow working on connecting with IT vendors, IW vendors, construction companies, insurance agencies, real estate brokers….  Someone that I had a meeting with recently told me to be more than an AE, but a resource.  Someone who has a name for a vast vortex of needs.  I’m learning, I’m learning, and further writing this story.  Immediately tired from run, rubbing eye.  Keep going I tell Self.  Don’t be like others, and don’t be like yourself, now or an hour ago. Write the moment, write the people, the waitresses and how they greet a group of tattooed guys in the corner opposite from me.  Where are you, and what are you doing, as I order students to use when seemingly blocked by their own self being a writer and attempting to write.