One contract signed for a “re-term”, then another sent out.  Feeling not so much confident today but relaxed.  And by extension composed and I supposed you could say confident.  Ran 5 miles at lunch and walked a half-mile for cool down.  For rest of time in office, connection focus.  Notes, listing projects, freewriting as I am here, seeing tomorrow morning already promising self I’ll wake early, take notes for day and three aims, more notes, daily haiku, something else I’m sure I’ll think of in the moment.

Took sparkling water from market.  Should go pay for.  Will give me a chance to walk around, get more steps.  Unusually quiet in the office right now.  Maybe everyone from every department’s in a meeting.  How it feels, sounds, feels.

Water.  Have not had one cup of coffee since getting to work. That could change, I don’t forecast it will as I only ran 5 miles.  Not enough to tire or ware me in any way.  Over the next few sips, taking notes on my P-O-Z idea for my Sonic life here in the Enterprise Division.  Connectedness, conversation. Keeping a conversation going.  Speaking of….  Sent one of my contacts an email.  Starting a new conversation and continue the one collective.

Juggling now, I feel, with all these projects.  Love it… just what I want.  Note, somewhat funny, when running at lunch the same man saw me running in, circling, the parking lot.  He said, me running toward him, “Wow, again?”  I smiled, said, “That’s it, baby!” Everything is like a lunch run, only so much time to be as productive and creative, as present and prolific as you can.  The start to this week has re-started something in my story, here at Sonic and just with Mike Madigan.  Interesting…. Collecting….  Back to what I was doing.  What.  I have like three different ships in sail, right now.