Just facetious, it’s 24.  In an antagonist’s angle, this morning.  Feeling more in control of this AAE position than I have since accepting it.  For one, don’t do your job so much, I’m telling myself.  Make connections, and not the corny urgency of “It’s who you know”.  No.  I’m talking about connecting everything you do.  Everything you have in your story.  Everything that you already are and everything you’ve studied, and have some prowess in…. use that in your new position.  Make more self-notes.  Lose nothing, log everything.  Even how I’m starting the day, sharing my three aims of writing tomorrow’s lecture, having only ONE coffee after this latte if any at all, and running at lunch.  76 more days to go till autopilot is initiated and set.  Yesterday at winery working as quick and feverishly as I was, like I was full-time again in the industry and thank the Craft I’m not, but I felt in that character again, and it was telling me something about this, what I’m doing here, at this desk and in the Sonic office.

Have a meeting at 10.  More than ready for it.  Will showcase, or maybe just show, how I “sell”, and how I present.  Excited about it for reasons that are all over this blog, but learning about the character, their business, what they want.  Not so much that 80/20 rule or idea of listening when prospecting, but showing a genuine interest in what they want.  Connectedness, community, creativity.  Yesterday while in the tasting room, and walking back and forth from the cave with visitors, no matter how stressful (I wasn’t stressed, at all, please note.) it got, I never detached from the character and what they were saying.  They constituted the entirety of the Now, and the freedom was from any potential angst or worry of conversion.  I did sell wine, but I didn’t care.  I learned the story of the people, the couple that drove out from Sonoma to celebrate the man’s birthday.  He, with his wife.

Feel like I’m on auto, already.  Like I not even need touch the yoke.  Like the switch has already been flipped.  Like I’m not working. Utter creative.  Thieved my own destiny.  You decide the words, you decide the story, you decide the YOU of it all.  I am on autopilot.  Enjoying the flight.  Enjoying the peripatetic sight and presence of everything.

Need to drink water, for run.  Be more than hydrated when in that 80 degree breeze, if there is a breeze.  Hoping there is.  This Account Executive story, in its I believe 40th day of duty, exactly like running.  I’m running, catching my own time, old time, and beating it.  Not even nine o’clock, and I have answers, questions, multiple theses, a new music.  Not stopping, can’t let self stop.  Notes for tomorrow’s lecture, now water.  People around me talking, not listening.  I’m in head of this new character and story.  Not selling, but listening, and at times speaking.  I’m finding that with work we complicate and over-oscillate and inwardly debate incessantly and that’s what compromises our fate, indefinitely.