12:20.  Work.  What I make of it.  What I want to see in it.  Here at the winery.  Tired of talking about wines as I think I should, or even as I do normally as a poet and songwriter.  So today, when in the cave with my group of six, I’ll speak about life, where we are and how what we sip, who we sip with, is the imperative, the importance.  Life….

12:21.  I needed today to be amazing, and I’ve made it so.  Letting certain things people say roll off my back but concurrently captured as to learn from them, learn staunchly that how they are is how I’ll never be.

12:23.  One day we’re not here.  What injects fervor and urgency in me, especially today.  I know what I don’t want to be at 40, 50…. I see where I’m going.  And if there’s one idea or postulate I can offer, presently, for anyone reading… test.  Test everything around you.  Test your Self.