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Before starting the day, take a minute. Take a few. You’re not ready to go back to work, for whatever reason… and you think you’re done with what your doing. You’re in an obvious moose-mood. But, take a few breaths… see where you’re going and where you are, how you plan on getting there, to your There. Before starting the day, ignite your own day… what you want from it and how you’re achieving such brilliance. Don’t let moods or any outside voice or plans or visions for you and your story write you or your story, much less the day. It’s all yours, you’re driving, you’re steering, navigating each movement. The only state of sight and being, mentality that should be present about you, right now, this morning, is what you want. And you WILL get it. Who’s going to stop you? Exactly, no one can. So… go.

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