What a day so far for this pink and red-eyed writer. 

Photo on 5-25-18 at 10.05 AM #2Had to call out again, waking up this morning with eyes dipped in butter or watery caramel.  And my mood, I won’t bore you with that.  But I’m here writing till I have to go to the DMV.  Going to make an assignment of it, a project… make my DMV visit make ME healthier, mentally and anatomically, corporeally.  I’m home with quiet and jazz as I yesterday was, feeling a bit of guilt for not going into the winery, but not.  In fact, I need this day off entirely to be for ME.  Reader— Do the same.  For YOU.  More than just every once in a while.  When you look in the mirror and have even the slightest nay about your inner notes and music, shove that facet to its antithetical.  You have to force yourself to do this, but the strain shouldn’t be that great if it’s a state and mind and state/stay of mind you truly want.

At the DMV, I’ll log every character.  Force self to do something I don’t want to, which is be there, and turn it around entirely to a writing piece, the act of writing which I love more than any labor.  Health is defined by us.  We decide if we want to be healthy or other, or worse.  Today, not being on one of those trite and all too circulated self-challenge shines and chimes, launches a storming toward total wellness and health.  All in Equilibrium and symphony placement and practice.

Had a sausage and egg sandwich which I shouldn’t have picked, nor should I have bought a mocha but rather just medium roast.  Would have saved calories and dollars.  But, I learn.  And that, learning, always learning, like me with French, and more habitually reading, is a healthy presence, identity and tone.