from book

…peace in the airy atmospheric and island tones and talk of it.  Like I’m not so much on a beach but on some patio, writing, putting the last laces in a book.  Looking at the little puddle in the stemless plastic cup given to me by someone, or bought by me at some point, I see more story, more of me and my present.  Wine provokes me to write more and faster, tell more stories from the tasting room and what people see and say in those walls, from that side of the bar.


Now, I’m compelled to speak to people new in the wine industry.  Not as an expert, or some burgeoning business bloke, but as someone who’s seen so much, from inner-winery and inter-departmental skirmishes, to inventory discrepancies, to tasting new releases and my walks around the vineyard, and around the crush pad.  Working at a winery, hoping for more pay but really the only way to more weighty paychecks is to sell more.  And, you don’t want to hound management for more money.  Love your character more than that.  Make the experience your own… but it’s more than that as well.  Manage your story, note everything.  Tomorrow I get there then take a couple notes, count registers (which I bloody loathe), open doors, open cages, take out wines…