Wine Industry

If you’re just getting into it, get into it with the right perception of what’s happening. If you’re starting in the tasting room, ’cause that’s what I know the most intimately, and more than likely that’s where you’ll start if you’re not going for an admin position, you have to love wine. I wouldn’t get into a ‘TR’, as we say, if you’re only mildly interested in wine. Or even REALLY interested in it. You have to be in love with everything that wine is, from the vineyard and through the production process, then to the bottle, pouring and speaking the wines’ and winery’s tongue. And, positive everything. Your vibe, your mood, your walk and words when speaking about the wine. The wine industry is a business of passion, and reality. The reality is, in the TR, hospitality. The right perception of hospitality is you are them, the people approaching the bar. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves, wine tasting. Make the room your own, make it wildly positive, and speak about the wine like it is YOUR story, your love.