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…wine I last night had, the Tranche Syrah, and how I would love to make a wine like that, and what I should have written about last night.. that wine… just go off and sprint, 500+ words on the Syrah, what she was saying and how she knew she was seducing me, in every sip and with every beat.

Well under an hour now.  Noting notes for English 1A… where I want to start, where I want to go.  Want to focus on the student life, their experiences and development.  Like wine, but not, but entirely.  The life, story, pain, trial, then the fruition.  Ah…. Love meditations like this, when I can talk myself out of famine, even though it may not be exactly, well, healthy what I’m doing.  What I see is everything as connected.  More than connected, but inextricably linked.  Being in the tasting room and tasting though wines as I do everyday, and night when I get home, has me seeing this all as a oneness, and not separated provinces.  This can only be seen as yay, an electric positive.  I’m in my mode, mood, where I’m supposed to be.

WE, Humans, need to write more what we want.  Make a declaration of it.  I don’t care if you don’t like to write… find where you’re supposed to be, and one way to do that, is write it over and over, over and over with exponents, again.  English 1A and 5 are about composition.  Writing, yes, but acknowledging the composition of something… the togetherness or lack of togetherness.  You can always equate such with health.  To be horribly unhappy is worse than being unhealthy.  It’s death, or a nice blazing corridor to existing rather than lovingly living, which is as I see worse than death.  Write it down.. here, I’ll start…

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