If you’re new to the tasting room…

Was joking earlier about people that buy Sauvignon Blanc.  Essentially implying they’re cheap.  I was joking, mind you, but I’ve heard others do this, and seriously, and not just with SB, but other varietals and definitively judging their buyers and not building the relationship.  Wine selling and marketing is about relationships more than most fields, and more than most hospitality and lifestyle dimensions.  If you’re new to the tasting room, never put the people visiting into any category in your head.  Just let them approach the bar, welcome them in, build the relationship, and do so simply.  In this building act, you have to be pragmatic… not too much information at one time, ask them about their wine affinities and proclivities, and learn about them as people before you accrue knowledge of their wine consumer patterns.

There is a science, I guess you could say, to selling wine, then you could say it’s just human interaction, and practice of kindness.  No, not every person you’re kind to is going to buy wine.  But, a relationship wick has been lit.  Whenever I go tasting, which is infrequent at best, anymore, I just want was conversation and wines with some innovative direction to them.  And if I don’t buy, I’d hope the tone of the character on the opposite side of the bar wouldn’t change.  If I buy Sauv Blanc instead of your $80 Cab or red blend, don’t be upset.  Be happy I bought, and start with the initial interaction, build from there.

For those who’ve worked in a tasting room for a long time, like this writer, you see a lot of things, several interaction types and tones.  One thing I can’t deal with anymore is that judgement.  That’ why I was only joking earlier, and I say in my joke, “…wow, big spender…” Again, JOKING.  I have a new client, and contact, and who knows where that’ll go.  I only have reasons to be optimistic.  They bought.  That’s what I want.  They’ll  be shipped the bottles they want, and that’s what I want even more dominantly.  If you’re new to the tasting room, to selling wine, focus on the people more than the wine, selling the wine.  Just build, and you’ll be more than fine.  You’ll be prosperously profitable.