The day ahead of me, not ahead of me. Hasn’t yet happened. What do I want from it… How to intensify my course, my story, where I’m going. Last night, as expected, I had some wine after dinner. What if I didn’t? What if I didn’t have wine at all, last night? Would I not be allowed or able to blog and write about wine, then? Life is so quick and short it angers me. But as well, propels me. Forward and up. Elevation. Have to ready for day, soon. Sipping the little bit of coffee I have from yesterday while on the couch, under a blanket, thinking of what I’ll say in class. My mood, rattlesnake, adder, badger. Not sure why. Don’t want to write about wine, right now. And if I write about it, do I have to write about it, or the scenes and scenic contributions associated with it? What if I just write, and when people ask ‘So what do you write about?’ I answer ‘wine’ still, and when they go to the blog they’re surprised, or something… They try to look for some connection. No idea what I’m saying. I’m just writing to write. And sometimes you do that. Sometimes we all do that. We should all do that from time to time to time.

I’m getting ahead of the day, though I know it’ll catch me, eventually. I want something different from the day. But I’m not sure what. What. What am I after. What are you after? What do WE want as characters? Is it love or freedom, success or just the trite and too-repeated word and idea of happiness? Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe today will show me, US.