Taking a break from wine tonight, for the writing and

an idea I want to develop.  And, to start the 0345 club, tomorrow morning.  Waking at 03:45 and jumping on the keys, this laptop and recording my thoughts at such a cruelly early hour.  14:42 now, just out of English 5, and more propelled to this log, or blog, my thoughts and recorded Nows than I have been in a long time.  The hunger is making itself more visible.  What do I do, eat?  What if I didn’t?  How would that influence and impact Mike’s character, right now?

Wine…. Talking and taking to me now with memory of what I last night sipped, the two Syrahs.  One from Oregon and the other from Lodi.  Neither really convinced me of anything, but I enjoyed both, do note.  The wines showed me that there is a temperament in wine’s growth— or maybe not a temperament but a timing.  What I’ll sip tonight.. thinking Ginger Ale, or Sparkling Water, 7UP, or maybe Cranberry Juice and sparkling water.  Something different.  Something out of character.


In conference room on campus, Emeritus Hall, hear teachers talking to each other in the copy/mail/supplies room.  And me, writing.  First wave of papers landed today.  Time to start reading and thinking about different ways to approach teaching, just as wine teaches me about me.  The Syrahs last night with their rounded instruction, making me think about what I want from wine’s industry, and business.  How to grow, what to do, what to know more of…. And, I have to again entertain, what if I didn’t drink any wine for an extended period of time?  Had to say…. Think it’d bring me closer, force more creative climate reform my writing character.  Not that I can’t do it, but have never seriously tried.  What if I do, starting tonight… Night 1.  So in writing about wine I’ll not only tell my thoughts while keeping from her for a while, but how I see the industry as a new non-sipper.  Wine takes a more educating and pedagogical stance in my story, teaching me discipline, to be more observation and just bloody do something different.  Log how the character reacts.

Walk the vineyard more.  Much more.  Write of the sights and the atmosphere out there.  One photo I find, of five left grapes, I think I see five, left after harvest, and hanging from the vines and to the wires, for more life.  I remember this, from Dutcher Crossing days, clocking out and heading to the parking lot which would toss me right out to the Cabernet block, or Rhône rows.  More observations… incalculable swarms of them.  Be in love with the moment and everything in front of me— new sight.  The buzz comes from the intersection of my character and stories and surrounding elements.  In my break, I get the feel and romance of wine other ways— inventorying, or starting some reflective exploration of what wine’s did to my story beyond the juice.