a thousand wines project



Wondering in my wander of her, telling self to be more told by Cabernet and she doesn’t need say much.  She doesn’t have to try hard at all.  All elemental in our intersection and in-the-moment calculus and calculation— sips and night I’m in with her.  Far past a simple experience and unquantifiable in fruit or oak, spiced architecture.  No commonality, only depth in anomaly.  Perplexing and persistent with her feel and rhymes, the impact is musical, from first glass lift till you’re pouring self another.  I chose not to pair with any plate but rather sip autonomously and enjoy her concert.  Not sure what her intended audience is, as all varietal lovers would fall for her.

She has me in a deep picture, a capture of my moment and self, understanding more of why I am in the wined story.  Her pedagogy precipitates from passion, all verses, all atmospheric statements and chants.  More amour, more assimilation, more than simply flavors you list— she’s heard, felt, integral in your Now.