Feels odd being here this morning, at the winery. 

img_0763Had last two days off and was on campus all day yesterday.  But I snap myself out of it.  I get back into character.  Taking pictures of everything, even the cubes in cubicle-ville.  All the barrels on the pad, either being topped or filled, or cleaned.  Didn’t look close enough.  And, no wine last night, had some cold or bug or something that put me to bed well before 22:00.  Woke this morning with the same energy as I told yesterday, Day 1 of Spring semester.  Today’s a Day 1.  First day back after two days away and I want all the wine story that I can accrue.  Getting homiletic with Self—  Ordering, “Get all the wine story and messages, senses and sentences, POETRY that you can.” Nearing 09:30, when I need be in full character.  And here I am.  Like yesterday.  Ready to learn, teach self, write and sip and examine the characters of my wines and how they’ve changed.