Decided not to go to campus.  Home. 

img_0233Cleaned out backpack, and keeping it clean, empty, light.  Only used as a computer bag, and maybe some pens.  Maybe.  I’m capitalizing on creative energy as the fortune fresh from its cookie instructed.  Thinking of going to a coffee spot and working, making small steps toward finishing syllabi for Spring, but again.. small.  Today’s about creative.. all creative.  Have one business expense I need to make, but I’m putting it off.  Still have to write about the wines from last night, and I’m putting that off as well.  So what do I do with my day, exactly?  Don’t know.  Never have days off and this technically is but then isn’t at all.

Mind made up, this writer… going to the Hopper Starbucks, working on wine stories and projects, building my businesses however I can.  Maybe I’m not a wine business blogger, or wine blogger, but a business blogger.. one self-educating on business.  First rule.. keep everything simple.  And the wine industry I credit with this understanding, realization and vision.  Sitting on the floor, clutter from move-back-in still around me… I start to stir in a bit of craziness.  Not so much stir crazy but stirred to a bit of craziness.

Have to get kids at 17:00.. so if I leave now I could have about 2 hours to work.  And another enlightenment in business… don’t over-deliberate.  Getting up, leaving…

14:41 and at Hopper.  Why am I thinking if my “wine blog” is ‘wine’ enough.  There is more to the life of someone living a wine life than the wine itself.  Won’t give this too much address, not in this precious sitting, type I haven’t had in a long while— just me at Starbucks, invited for easily a 1 hour, 45 minute session.  Objectives are simple.. one word.  ‘Advance’.  Get into course syllabi, and keep the required, contractual content abbreviated.  Each course will be treated as its own business— its own mission and project… book?  Maybe.  Well, yes.  No non-definitive words or thoughts in this sitting.

Word goal, 2000 words.  Across wine and education, business.  Businesses.  My business thoughts.  One of them being, as I’ve shared with students and clients alike— Creativity and conversation solve everything.  EVERYTHING.  And if they don’t immediate solve they indeed shove you kindly more toward solution.

Brought papers to grade, but I don’t see self getting too far into them, especially after finding two old hand-scratched notes in backpack, from little pages from a little notebook, one of my many, reading “Glucose/Fructose…Sodium Hydroxide”, and the other, “Sample & sulfur (SO2) antioxidant […] antimicrobial […] free & total (how much you put in)”.  Think I wrote about this one before, and after the fortune I wanted to address it again.  Pretty sure I took these jots when with winemaking friend Blair in the Kind days, maying our wine and my Merlot.  Thinking… wine is everything associated with business both in metaphor and in direct material.  You have to be patient with growth, like with vines.  If you plant a vineyard, ready self for a long, labor-honed and rich wait.  Same with any business type, I’m seeing.