Fight The Fantasy, a 2013 wine business/industry note

IMG_3775When, there’s always a ‘when’ attached to a ‘what’.  Why is that?  This is wine.  It’s supposed to be easy, fun, relaxed.  But no.  There’s such a mis-measurement with the wine industry.  It’s all fun, drinking, leisure.  Paid vacation.  Today’s a Friday, nothing calm about this shift.  And it’s only 11:11.  Everyone’s stressed; moving, spilling, reciting.  Am I complaining?  I guess, maybe, a little.  Threats associated with campaigns and sales, goals—  Yes, I get the reality, it’s a business, a job.  But, if I’m “selling fantasy”, and a “lifestyle”, then any wine industry management should cultivate a mood catapulting that.  Everyone sees barrels, vineyards, the tanks, wine being poured.  Even the spills on the counter have their certain romantic print.  Do consumers need to know this, about this conveniently contorted image?  They should, really.  For perspective.  It’s Human, wine.  It’s not about the elements facing everyone around you, in the industry, behind the scenes and what has to be done and put on a spreadsheet or one some goal scoreboard.  The wine… that’s what this is about.  It’s. About. The. Wine.  Well, that’s what one state of mind reads, then the other yells back, “It’s a business.”

Wait, I intrude, “Aren’t both obvious?”  When, was I supposed to realize either?  And, what does it matter?