from book

Started writing vino letter, my latest.  Took a bit of a break from it.  Well, that’s one way to say it, the other is I got distracted.  In cubicleville with my work, my laptop, phone, hear wind to right and want to walk vineyards.  How much time do I have?  6-ish minutes remaining in my “lunch” “break”.  Remain ludic, I tell myself.. ludic in all movements.  Laugh at everything, or many things, or most—  No, all.

Today, a sharp affinity for Pinot Gris, as I cited in letter.  Should have a glass after work, under meditation tree.  Why not.  Certain thoughts that need be addressed and explored, and I could use some still, quiet, poetry, write pen-to-paper under that tree, at my bench, and follow my meandering mind.