early winery words

August 6th, 2017….  At work early.  Messaged Hospitality Director, checked email and schedule for day.  Angry I didn’t write that much yesterday but that’s my own fault.  Took lunch late yesterday and snacked rather than went to office to write.  Today, no such mistake made.  Have a lunch tour coming in at, I believe… 13:00?  13:30?  Something like that.  Nothing else on schedule so the day should be smooth and an opportunity to sell at the bar and get this winery’s story out there.  Before taking this management post, if that’s what it is, Dad suggested I just make it mine, and that will make it work.  Which is just what I’ve been doing and will continue to actuate.

09:08.  Taking time to Self, to talk to Self… sometimes, well for me many times, that’s needed.  In the “wood room”, we call it, where yesterday we has a bachelorette group which was rather tame, surprisingly.  Now, I see a table like this in my eventual office.  Just had an idea of ideas, in this time to Self… concerning photography, taking more pictures and centering them somewhere.  Not that I want to be a photog’, it’s just what I’m thinking now.  I’m thinking much, now.  From sales and marketing to wine to being a writing father to finishing a book, what I’m going o do at lunch, how to change my creative pattern.  One thought is more brevity… flash-stories that don’t go on and on.  Not “micro-content” as some would say, just snapshot, sped story, the moment itself… blinks… market from the blinks.  Hmmm…

Didn’t get here that early, actually.  Haven’t heard back on message, might be his day off.  Need to make my own schedule, and truthfully stick to it.  Consolidate.  For lunch today… words…. standalone pieces and planning.  Going to fill up that 30-minute time to Self with projects and ideas, visual and lucrative ideation.  Not stopping.  This is more than motivation… this is inner-seismology.  A grand quake of composition.  Going to show the world today—yes the world— that I am THE most tireless writer in existence.  I will tell this winery’s tory and my own, making this whole thing, this whole new assignment, MINE.  My story, my life, my Now.