Like a Horse 

Not wanting to be 


Or controlled, only

Seeing open plain and terrain

So I just run, run and go to 

The next highest point.

And me, running to the other side.

Don’t put your hands on me, don’t put

A rope around my necknor pulling me

One way

Or another.

Just interact, compassion, communication–

The air is my addiction, faster I go, faster

I perambulation down that path..

Write myself a song on a treeside.  Would

That work– think so..

Chasing the air and the dragonflies around

The stable, I’m out here, I don’t want to 

See that place, those rectangles– that’s supposed to

Be home?  I’d rather be in the open lone– nothing

More known.. my mind windblown.  Sitting

For a second, need to rest before the river

Crossing.  How long is that.

I don’t know..  everything stops…

And I just stand, expecting the predator 

Type.  But nothing arrives.

My stage is mine still–  not at all


Just waiting for next trot.