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2014 Roth Estate Merlot, Alexander Valley.  My Friday night.  Well, kind of.  Teaching tomorrow and have other stuff to address and take care of.  Would love to go for an early, early run, but who knows if that’ll go.  You know what…. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.  Right now, here, now.  Jackie not going to sleep but rather playing around in his room, or as he said “cleaning up”, so wife brought him down to hang with us for a bit.  I just left him in his room and it’s a mystery as to whether he has any intention of sleeping.  I barely have the intention of writing.  I’m making myself do it, at this point.  No coffee in house, so if I wake early to write and run as I hope to it’ll be with the most innate and intrinsic of energies.

My glass in the kitchen, make it last longer.  Have tried this before but tonight I’m honestly not in the mood.  The Merlot tells me to remember what it’s done for me.  You might say almost immediately, “What?” It’s THE varietal.  The one that pulled me in closer, closer to examine and feel wine’s complexion and song on levels further than I could have foreseen.  She tells me to not try to command my composition but let it write itself— wine, Merlot, me… further in intersections elaborate and ethereal.  But something’s off and I can categorize or identify what—  WHAT?  Like I’m on a first date… or first day at a job… nervous.  For what?  I swear, if I say w… one more time…..  I need a sip.  I need the rest of the glass.  Maybe I’m tired.  Maybe I can’t work all day at these wineries and teach at night.  But I had a great lecture this evening.  Fuck.. now I’m just confused.  Might open another Roth offering…

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