First of month. June. 1st. Done with meetings and I’m still on a tide elevated after visiting Lancaster Estate. But then a “sinker”, as Dad calls them, hits me. The urge to take a midday nap. No, I tell myself, don’t bloody do it. Keep typing. About anything. I noted to self that naps never translate to growth. And since I wrote that, posted it somewhere, I literally am sickened by the thought of napping. What a fucking hypocrite I would be if I did that, right? Yes.. so don’t think about it. Not at all. Have more of the free coffee I got from the Windsor sbux. How… much… left….. not enough. Shit, sip slow then. Think of being on the Road like your sister, sipping a beer on a beach in Cabo after a meeting and/or speaking at some function. Today… all about consolidation, doing what I can to get self closer.. about breaking patterns, and one pattern that would have pushed me to the couch is exactly what inspired that note to myself earlier. I nap, I shrink. In progress, in creativity, in everything you want or that could get me to exactly what I want.

Went on a vineyard walk earlier, some baby vines in the ground, partially shaded by morning light then the rest illuminated, getting the photosynthetic nudge then need. I walked and thought about the day.. June 1st. A new beginning, yeah I guess. But something else. Not sure what to call it or how it makes me think, in pattern and flavor, but I’m mentally alive today for sure. Day one of something new. What is it? Again, my tide is over any rocks, presenting only harmonious and subtle current and wave-sets. Wait… why do I need to define it? Why am I holding myself up in this ring? Free… free in my day.. new month. 1st day of this-Me.

Readers— See today as something for you. And only for you. Something wildly and colorfully new in invitation and tangible intonation. If you have work to do, do it. Meetings to go to, go. But go into everything with a new lens. Try variation in your practices. Keep moving forward, don’t evaluate yourself too harshly. Pretend like this is truly the first day of the rest of your life. Wait, there is no pretending. It’s true! Lucky you! So… be excited. Be free. Throwing yourself into your current scene and what you’re doing, be it typing a report, entering date into a spreadsheet, topping barrels at a small family-owned winery… Be creative and imaginary. Make everything your own. ‘Cause it’s all yours. Let things get in your way, view them as challenges, and with this new perspective know you can and will topple them. Look further into your story, what you’re doing right now and who you are. You are YOU. Enjoy day one, and the forever of this-You. New Month. Day one. No shrinking. Only elevating, and speedily.