inward jot

Newness,  This morning I very much needed, need, Newness.  No corporate coffee stop, where I could have easily paid merely $0.50 for a refill that’s not at all a refill I only tell them it is, but rather stopping for my first-ever writing session at Jimtown Market here in AV, along 128.  Not sure how to begin, but I know the answer to that— just do so.  Monday’s over the past year or so, as you might now, have been fascinating me more and more, with how people dread them but should really embrace them, how so many around me talk about Monday and the coming of it rather that actually actuating..  Newness.  Try something new.  It could strike as simple and seemingly insignificant as stopping at a new place for coffee, or waking up a bit earlier and going for a run (which I need to do).  My coffee, at right, still, animated in its bizarrely hot hemisphere in that cup, ran $2.75.  That’s $0.25 more than Dry Creek’s General Store, and a gorilla’d $2.25 more than the coffee brothel of Starbucks.  But I’m fine with it.  More than fine with it.  Elated in it.  Triumphant in my sitting in this differently constructed and realized chair, with a flop or surface of leather or mock-leather, curving and bending down as you settle.  I’m more cozy, for sure, here than at the Starbuck spot on Vine Street.  In a backroom, by self, no one here but if some tourist comes in for breakfast or coffee, or forbid another writer like me, then my solitude is lacerated.  But I’ll writer-on.  Would just be more Newness and new ingredients for this writer, who needs to finish his book.  Birthday, 38, one week from today.  More urgency than a bottom-of-ninth soupçon… but I see it that way, calling on my baseball days… two strikes, runners at corners.  I don’t have to homer, just hit a triple.

Looking around— the shop feel.  Retro, or vintage, rustic or artful, maybe all.  My business plan for this Monday is my book.  Finish it by day’s end.  I know I have a book’s gathering of material.  Just need to gather, colonize, maybe inoculate here and there.  Also.. a photo walk.  I want photography to be a more substantial part of my life, writing life.  I want to be a writer who photographs, and photographs seriously.  Should take one shot with camera, here in this room.  Why not.  If I don’t use it, I did it.  I did what I said I would do.  Something New…. Did so.  Slowly slid from one side of my new office to next, captured certain articles and specifics of the atmosphere.  Maybe when I’m writing with full autonomy I should make this my office, or my office outside the office.  Embrace the unfamiliar, put yourself outside your character… be a new character but the same one, today.  It’s just what you need, in one consideration or another.  Trust me.