Hey… YOU! Writer person…

Listening to everything.  Not writing at all today, while behind tasting room counter.  Trying something different.  Remaining open, perceptive, inviting of all scene ingredients.  Every answer I need for whatever I want is right around me, right now.  Businesses are built on ideas.  The ideas fall on a pages, the words.  Then, elevation.  Literally that simple.  Copywriting, writing, literature, words, me, wine… all perfectly blended at the right time.  There is no time that’s wrong.  Time is an enemy that from time to time is quite kind.  Listen…  me alone in tasting room, listening to a song I’ve never heard.  19 days before 38…  Move.  Sing.  Be more playful.  If you’re a writer, sometimes you need to not write, just wait, till a moment like this– me standing at the register typing a sped post.

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