journal… (no edits)

In a state of re-writing after yesterday’s lecture, and listening to this music here at the Dry Creek General store, sipping coffee and done with banana.  Tempted to order a scone, and the kid behind the register tried to lure me into buying one, upsell the writer to that baked and/or fried goodness, but I didn’t bite.  I stayed with the banana.  Relaxing tune from Bonobo comes on, I think the instrumental version.  09:26, and I have to leave pretty soon… no, not instrumental.  But still soothing, “like a gentle symphony” as the vocalist whispers.  Today.. notes all day.  Secret business operations in motion, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Changing everything, notably ME.  For my family.. me, the house, the kids, all of this.  Wish I could stay at this table all day, and just write, brainstorm, allow my storming brain to replenish and reconfigure certain specificities in my Personhood.  Headed in a positive, lucrative, enriching and educational direction with this re-write.  Funny how you look at things, as a teacher.

9:29—  Ten minutes to write, edit, post.  Banana peel at my right, looks so dead, so sad, and I’m so proud of my self like a clown that I had it rather than one of those scones.  Now I want a scone.  Blueberry.. should I?  No.  People keep walking by and shaking the ground and the table, and then I think “Who am I to get annoyed?” No one.  Exactly.  So I keep writing and mind my business, reciting some of my favorite quotes to myself while people all around me either work or browse the shelves.  Or walk to the back room which I think is used for an office and storage.  Yes.. I can see boxes of wine from where I sit and soda crates, a box of Negro Modelo cans.  And me, just here writing, re-writing, carrying the manuscript and my story to a horizon more profitable.  I will keep myself in this position of revision, rewriting— re-alignment, re-shaping, Newness in sentences and paragraph balance and bravado.  Music… in everything.  This re-write, MORE MUSIC.  No matter what I sell or market.  The creativity has to be with certain chords, positioning of octaves.  9:35am.  Wrap it up.. throw away this poor peel.