quick biz thought—

photo-on-2-10-17-at-8-48-am-2Marketing is more prone to variables than secure in some quaint equation.  We market from the variables and what they do.  We sell in how we react to the variables.  Building business is Art and Psych’ more than any kind of science.  And yes, ‘Art’ and ‘Psych’’ are capitalized intentionally.  They’re at the epicenter.. they’re the engine and the wheels, and we as business owners are at the wheel navigating artfully, building our brand’s collective Psychology while we respond to the consumers’.

I’m learning from building my business that there’s never too much to learn.  There are several types of consumers, millions of reaction sets, so we need be quick and irrevocably clever.  That’s what feeds the wheels and sets the fire in its colorful code.  If you want to sell, dance with the reactions of consumers…. Again, just a thought.