another note

So many I know just slow as 5 o’clock nears.  I’ll never get this.  Don’t you know time never repeats?  It just keeps going.  Move with more fury, the closer 5 gets.  Outrun it.  Quicker… quicker!  Storm like the current front passing over the county.  Don’t let the day’s close impact your mood, or resilience.  Pretend like it’s 9, or 8:30, or whenever you start.  Ignore how dark it is outside.  Make all around you radiant.  Make it ablaze with creativity and furthered nearness to whatever it is you want.  I feel like so many times I just dwell on the time rather than using it, or letting it beneficially aggravate me.

Well, here I am.  Working.  Quicker.  Certainly quicker than what’s on that clock.