12/16/16 poz blog

Rain gone.  Sky, confessional.  Only blue, only what’s up there, no obstruction.  Need to finish projects today…  MUST.  Making list now, in Carpe journal.  Wind outside, and that post-rain chill.  Love it.  Can’t wait for my lunchtime vineyard walk.

Jumping from project to project now.  Just how I am.  Not sure that’s the healthiest habit but that’s me and that’s what keeps me creative.

Quiet in the office, gives me time to collect, time to reflect on what I have to write for Debra and myself and other clients.

Interview I did this morning with Andy Katz, him hiking with his son and daughter-in-law, reflecting on the simplicity of only carrying one camera rather than all his gear.. how the simplicity and the light nature of his travel that day around that park contributed to his creativity… made this writer think.