quick positive thought

“If you think you’re done, tell yourself there’s more to write.” I offered the students yesterday.  That’s what I’m enacting, now.  You know, practicing what you preach kind of thing.  OR, as I earlier this semester wrote, “Actuating what I advocate’.  The rain keeps with its descent, and I with mine.  I’m not stopping.  Hear some around me say how the day’s slow and that they’re bored and how they can’t wait for five o’clock.  Which I get, and empathize with on a couple levels, but not all.  I’m working, and in between tasks for winery I’m writing.  I’m building and telling my story as a teacher, parent, writer, thinker, life-lover, wine-lover, moment-obsessed penman who always needs to be writing, or reading.  Kerouac orders us to ‘climb that goddamn mountain’.  Last night I shared the quote with students and urged they have a plan for climbing.  That too, in the ‘actuate what you advocate’ order.  How will I see the summit?  By not stoping.  That’s it.  Simple, right?  Well, yeah.  I’m making it simple.  I’m telling ‘it’ to be simple.  The ‘it’ is mine, and it will progress as I please.