If You’re a Dad, Let Me Share A Thought… 

img_9360Do everything.  Try everything.  Be more yourself than you’ve ever been.  Have several projects.  Cast a magnanimous net.  Note to myself: Your only real job is to be the best daddy you can to Jack and Emma.  That’s it.  And to do that, I can’t ever be still.  I have to always be working and engaging with my multiple projects, if I’m not spending time with them.  But, in order to spend time with them and to have a certain quality of life that they and I can enjoy, then I need several projects.  Not just some 9-5 or 9-6, or even 8-6.  I need projects.  I need work.  I need to give myself more tasks as a writer and creative than others think I should or can handle.  I want my babies to know me for how tireless I am with my work.  Like right now, I’m in class, waiting for students to show and I choose to use the time sharing this idea with you rather than be a rock, a log, a chair, a desk.  No… move.  No automaton, here.  That’s not an option for us daddies.  Move quicker than you ever have.  Time doesn’t care how quick I move, it just keeps moving.  Well guess what, fellow papas…  I move quicker.  Nothing will slow me and when I think I have enough I’ll pile on more.  I know, be mindful of the time with babies.  Like I said, if I’m not with them I’m working.

This thought came to me this morning while on the treadmill, in my first speed-work session in some time.  I needed a work out, I needed a change in the day’s pattern and consistency, and I needed to give self an early xmas gift, so why not an early New Year’s Reso’?  Gym membership.  Done.  So I ran, and thought, and the one thought that kept revolving and tirelessly moving like the belt and the writing daddy atop, was my kids.  I do everything for them.  But I need to do more for them, and by extension for me, and in a boomerang return for them, again.

No students in room yet and I suppose I could take a break but I choose not to, no I elect to keep moving, brainstorming on my business and the end of the semester, how I’m to start next semester, what I’m going to write throughout the day, more writing projects.. tomorrow’s early-early workout… keep the character motivated, your character.  In many ways I’m re-writing my story, yes, but writing another one.  And another one.  You’re a dad?  Do something for yourself that will make your babies overjoyed with whom they call “Dad”.  But that something has to be fruitful, it has to be associated with a goal, something connected to your family.  Remember, you can enjoy, okay?  A goal for you is a goal for them, Dad.  In so many ways, we’re students, as dads.  We learn along the way, so don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just a thought: Enjoy.  Another thought: Everything can be yours, your family’s.  You just have to work with tireless tide.  That’s it.