Awake, coffee and

cartoons with Jack.  Today, I challenge the writer to have ten glasses of water while at work.  Reasons?  Just a test, see if I can do it, I don’t know.  Ready self for tomorrow’s early workout… Again, I don’t know.  Wanted to work out this morning, but I’m still waking and the process is slow.  So sip the coffee, don’t think too hard about what you want to do today or how long the day’s going to be…  Just enjoy your cartoons, your coffee, your time with your son.  Coffee working already…  Awake?  No.  Getting there.  Just a bit before 7, and the day’s promise of work and story won’t leave me.  Glad it doesn’t, otherwise the book and I would be alone.  So back into my moment, this standalone piece of me here with my son, cartoons, coffee.   10 glasses of water, and for what…  Clean the circuitry, functionality, or just to do it.  Who knows.  Should have been up hours ago, but this is what I have, now, here..

Now I eat what remains of the waffles.  Bite between types.  Onward in the day.  Perfect.  This is all perfection.  I think of how lucky I am with this Now, moment of Jack and I and the coffee, the waffles I toasted for him and now me and what’s ahead of this me in the next 12 hours.  Idea then hits the now-me… A project from the next 12 hours.. Inventory everything.  Book, a business from the next 12.  Or both.  I’ll let you know.