Thinking again–

Seems ‘s thought I do a lot of thinking these days.  What else can I do, especially when it’s quiet in the house like this.  Selling wine, selling writing, selling something…?  Or should I just be sharing ideas?  Not looking for answers tonight.  You know what, we all need to be just delighting in our night.  Not thinking about business.  Unplugging, if you would.  That can’t hurt if you do it moderately.  Washing machine going upstairs, shaking the house, but both babes remain asleep.  How do they do that?  They’re not overthinking like their daddy is, that’s for sure.  They’ve let go of the day.  I need to do that.  Why can’t I?  ‘Cause I’m building a business?  Not an excuse.  Relax.  Take a breath.  Have another sip of wine. Enjoy the brainstorming stage.  Can’t wait till next week, when I meet with students.  Who knows if I’ll give some set-the-world-on-fire talk, but I’ll enter both rooms with audible direness.  Know that, reader.  Know that I recognize where I am in life, and that I should be further, on the Road.  I have to catch the envisioned self.