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Williamson Wines – 2013 – Merlot – Amore – Dry Creek Valley/Sonoma County

This is one of those Merlots I wish all venomous, and vicious, and virulent toward the img_6824varietal would taste.  Just to shut them up.  But this is more than just a quick pleaser Merlot.  Initially, the olfactory is wrapped in thickly thrown riles of chocolate and cherry, vanilla and relaxed oak.  As it opens and wakes the notes show a tenacity that may startle the Merlot nay-sayers.  Williamson does an incredible job across varietals and vintages, but this offering shows a composition and voice that easily rivals their more expensive bottles, Cabernet or otherwise.  Sure, you could pair this with some burger with caramelized onions or some cut of steak, a pepper-said pasta, but I say sip this one on its own.  Let it educate you on how gorgeous Merlot can be and what a prominent presence can exude and echo from the glass.  While on glass two, and the bottle open for just under an hour, all the flavorous winks further purposed their collective and individual harmonies, chords.  I was smitten, I was instructed, I was encouraged.