me: 9/21/16

Won’t lie, I’m starting to tire with less than an hour till 1A starts.  The 13.1 is making itself known to me, and reminds me that such distance comes with a cost.  I do, though, have a refill of coffee in the tumbler, a sparkling water, and a cranberry muffin from the caf’.  Ordered a blueberry but they were out, the kid not telling me till after I paid and I had to choose between this and poppyseed, chocolate, and one other that in no way sounded like me.  So now, I wait till 1A.  Reflect on the morning, and I will make that sheet for the morning run, establishing it as a template for future runs— everything from distance of course, to time and calories, area of run, pains, thoughts while on run, stretches before and after, everything I can think of but not going beyond a page.

Tonight, another no-wine.  Have tons to write and inventory, and finally, FINALLY, going to put a small MS together to sell.  I’ll sell it over social media somehow, and in person of course.  Positive words and thoughts and prompts for readers, stressing Wellness and Composition of self.  Not sure of the exact shape it will take, but I have more or less an idea, a general idea of its “category”.  Or audience (probably a better word, and way to think of its intentions).  As well, tonight, I’m hoping to clear my desk.  And before you say it, I know, I always say that.  Tonight, do note, I have vicious intentions of doing so.  And, write the students…  AND, teaching blog, post something.  So much I want to do and say, and I know I’m getting close to the my travels and widespread independent work.  Told myself this morning while on the run, as I closed in on 13.1, that if I finish a ‘half’ this morning, then I can have anything I want from life.  Blogging with much more syndication and circulation, travel, my vacation home in Carmel, new car for family and me, get rid of all debt.  Anything.  That run this morning shaped the day, and while I am tired I’m more so inspired, newly re-wired.

First sip from coffee, and I feel nothing really.  Only a zen.  Look around this shared adjunct office, and feel even more placid consistency about me.  Getting distracted by all the sounds in the hallway, the flushing toilet out my door and down hall, left.  Loudest toilet in America, I’m sure.  Maybe even North America.  It’s so loud I still get startled when I’m in there and flush.  Wow, what an interesting direction to take my freewrite.  Toilets.  Topic next…  More reflection on day, the English 100 class went wonderfully.  Loud, communicative and impassioned.  Need to write more for both classes, I know.  That’s what tonight’s for.  I’m going to put every goddamn drop of ME into my teaching and instructional writings.  The other basket that has eggs, will be forced to surrender them.  They belong somewhere else.