Couple minutes after 4, and I

reason that I’ll just have a glass of wine here.  Chardonnay.  It’s free, right?  And my lifestyle, now, is much about saving, conservation, minimalism.  The kids will only get more expensive, another parent in the tasting room reminded me the other day.  Sipping coffee now, my final cup of the day, and I refuse to slow.  My story, now targeting the ‘DIY’ scope and sentiment, knows it can have whatever it wants–  That its author can have what he wants.  And he doesn’t want a lot.  But that has to change, what I did right there, my typical wishlisting.  That’s DIY antithetical.  So topic next–

Looking forward to lectures tomorrow.  Creative, creative…  Newness, what can I do differently?  I used to always, and I mean nearly every session when I first started teaching, say “just think outside the box”.  But, did I?  Did the instructor?  Was I a ‘do as I say and not as I do’-er?  Fuck, I hope not.  Well, I’m not now.

Can’t wait for that Chardonnay.  I could focus on that all the way till I sip it, imagine that note of apple and the gentle acidity, the round feel of the wine in initial palate contact.  I used to say I hated Chardonnay.  Now it’s all I can think about.