Day’s story, already started. 

I don’t care what happens today, I will get significantly closer to where I want to be.  In a number of ways.  None of which I have to catalogue or even lightly deconstruct, but I will get there.  Teaching on the mind, and that’s about it at the moment, from planning, to lessons, to what I’m teaching next in both classes to everything else.  To how my wife became a full-time teacher…  Need to get there.  Well, that’s the first ‘there’, not the ultimate ‘there’.  So…  What.  Make a couple phone calls… network, cheesy as that sounds.  I see something for myself this morning, after a nice night’s sleep, this cup of medium roast and time to myself.  7:29 time reads… holding to 300 words, no more, need to see about a couple things here in Sonoma County, schools.  What else am I meant to do but write, and share ideas, and yes maybe “teach” a little bit.

Lesson plan for self, today:  3 pages – one significant step toward the classroom (a FT post, high school) – walk around the vineyard (a ‘walking-no-talking’ stroll) …  That’s it for now.  No more than 3 targets, otherwise there’s too much a chance I won’t hit some or many if I step over 3.

Dishwasher rushing and I here at the home office desk with moments to self that I wouldn’t surrender for anything.  Will treat myself to a coffee from sbux this morning.  No mocha, just coffee.  And enjoy my drive to Dry Creek.  Time passes with merciless mount, boasting 7:33 in screen’s upper-right.  Glad I got this time.  I needed this time.  But this time can’t forever stretch.  So I leave the house, this home office chair, desk.  But I take it with me, mentally.  Constant deliberation and meditation… notes on my classroom and the ahead path.  Déjà, une belle journée…