5 minutes of meditation

before bed.  Fully out of sick’s grip.  Want to run, and I will, Wednesday.  And I will devote the ENTIRE morning to running.  Then haircut, shopping.  Time is always the issue, the same way money is.  No easy remedy for that frustration.  Well, there is one— writing.  Staying healthy.  So I guess two, then.  As I deconstruct this in my head, for Wednesday, if mother-in-law takes babies to school I could theoretically launch from home at 8, at the latest.  Be home before 10.  Shower quick, go to mall quick for new thread, then to campus (shopping I will only allow to eat an hour, not a time’s tickle more).  Like I said, Time controls everything.  But it also motivates everything, prompts you to further be fiery in your aims and convictions.  I again think of waking early tomorrow.. 4-ish.  But it’s just a thought.  Cruel hour in the encompassing cruelty of Time.